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ERASMUS+ youth exchange
Bracking frames
Project nr. 2023-1-LV02-KA151-YOU-000113488

About the project: Improve your understanding of arts and how much it actually surrounds us. How important art is in history, communication and emotions. Learn how to express yourself in any art form and maybe find your secret talents and bring out the best in others. Find out how art can be sustainable and useful. You will be able to learn how to work in teams, be a leader and to take your responsibilities. Maybe find out new qualities about yourself and what’s important for you and others.

Project participants form Latvia, Georgia, Ukraine, Turkey - 4 group leaders and 36 participants in age from 14-25 years.

Activities took place in Ēvele development center, Ēvele parish, Vamieras regional municipality from 20.08.2023-26.08.2023

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