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ERASMUS+ youth exchange
The Green One
Project nr. 2020-1-RO01-KA105-079746

The Association Concerned about the Future designed and implemented a 7-day YE (Youth Exchange / Youth Experience Exchange) program at the Copaceni - Giurgiu Assemblies, focusing on separate waste collection and with a diverse methodological approach, following the concepts of non- formal and stakeholder-based learning, with strong local support from Ecogreen Construct SRL and the public in the surrounding local communities, to empower the younger generation towards a positive environment-oriented attitude.

The objectives were: Raising awareness of the link between separate waste collection and self-exclusion for 36 participants. A healthy attitude of separate collection and a deep understanding of its impact on community life for the 36 participants. Increased visibility of separate waste collection in all communities of participants, facilitated by all participants in the exchange of experience

We focused on: Citizenship skills and attitudes:
  Separate waste collection can improve one's image and that of the community.
  Active interest in the social and political developments of the community.
  Confidence in the evolution of society in the community.
  Confidence in their ability to bring about positive change in the community.

Skills have been developed to:
  Identify efficient selective waste collection systems.
  Looking for examples of good practice in environmental education.
  Recognition of the level of implementation of laws governing the selective collection of waste.
  Active listening and contributing to decision-making processes.
  Managing limited risks and resources when planning a campaign.
  Materials used in the packaging industry and how they can be selectively collected.
  The ecological impact on one's social status created by inefficient selective collection systems.
  The benefits of environmental education in smaller and larger communities.
  How to promote a positive and motivating message in their communities.

Developed behaviors:

  Stimulating others to enrich their knowledge of materials used in the packaging industry.
  Purchasing products with durable packaging materials.
  Search for suitable baskets for different types of packaging waste.
  Check the origin of a product and the amount of non-recyclable packaging materials it contains.
  Checking the need for a coherent EU and European waste collection policy.
  Exemplification of good practices from other countries.

These competencies have been addressed as key outcomes of the learning process. The other six key competencies indicated by the Youthpass certificate were also addressed, but to a lesser extent, indirectly.

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