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ERASMUS+ youth exchange
"Green and digital"
Project nr. 2022-1-LV02-KA151-YOU-000051876

Practical involvement in “Green and digital” youth exchange will be involved at least 35 young people and 5 youth leaders. Youth exchange will include activities about different digital tools and impact of them to persons life, some days will have challenge to live without digital world  that will give opportunity for participants to be disconnected from life-online. Each country will have time to share their experience and knowledge about chosen digital tool what can be used by working with youngs or is creative. During the activities, participants will acquire digital skills, communication and presentation skills, knowledge of cultural differences, life experiences, travel, international cooperation. Young people with learning difficulties and a range of limited opportunities will have the experience, knowledge and skills to help change the situation. During the activities, the young people will get to know themselves, learn about other cultures and develop cooperation. Young people will act on their own, which will make them step out of the comfort zone and allow them to identify themselves, their role in shaping their OWN lives and providing support to others. The main result of the project will be the youngsters will step out of daily comfort zone to meet each other in not original life situation.

Project participants form Latvia, Italy, Turkey, Estonia and Bulgaria - 5 group leaders and 35 participants in age from 17-23 years.

Activities took place in Ēvele development center, Ēvele parish, Vamieras regional municipality from 22.10.2023-28.10.2023

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