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Jauniešu apmaiņa
"EKO pilsēta un jauniešu sociālā iekļaušana"
projekta nr. 2018-3-LV02-KA105-002307

The project "City of the ECO and the social inclusion of young people" is implemented on the initiative of young people, following the activities of the “All-Latvia cleaning up” and several youth exchanges, when young people clearly appreciated the wealth of Latvia's natural resources and encountered the common problems of social inclusion of young people. The aim of this project is to foster social dialogue, work with young people, the environment and understanding of climate change in the EU. The goal of the project is to raise awareness among young people about the responsibility of the surrounding community, the environment and the preservation of natural resources through the "Learn to do" and "Learn to be" non-formal education methods. Duration of the project is 8 months. The project will take place in Rujiena, Latvia, from February 1st to September 30th, 2019. The main topics of the project are: Social Dialogue in the field of youth inclusion, work with young people and the environment. Young people will learn how to apply nature, team skills, intercultural living and learn to represent their country and city. The project will use non-formal learning methods "Learn to be", "Learn to learn", work in groups, games, ice breakers, individual and group ratings. The project partners are from Latvia, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine and Poland. In total, 35 participants will participate in the project, of which 28 are young people in the age group of 14 to 17 years old. Each group will be accompanied by one leader. The project involves 14 members with limited capabilities.

INFO par projektu
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